There’s a weapon pointed at you!

What’s it look and sound like? Well, have you heard anything like this in your head…

  • You’re in this mess because of your own dumb mistakes!
  • You’re reaping what you sowed, and there’s no way for you to get out of this mess!
  • You’re paying for your past.
  • Your kids are a mess because you’re a lousy parent!
  • You’re going bankrupt because you spend too much money on stuff you don’t need.
  • You’ve destroyed your friendships because you’re not a good friend.
  • You’re going to FAIL!

Or how bout this…

  • God doesn’t love you. Never did. Never will.
  • You don’t deserve God’s favor.
  • You’re not good enough for God to save you.

Do you know what to do when the bullets of the enemy fly? In this quick little video, I’ll show you what you can do to fight back.

[youtube id=”iWaCe4NM3WI”]

Pray this so you can fight with the weapon God gave you:

“Lord, there’s a voice inside my head that’s been telling me I deserve to be in this mess. But Your grace is greater than any mistake I’ve made or sin I’ve committed. I know you’ve forgiven me for my mess and any messes I make in the future so help me to block out the lies that the enemy is trying to tell me. Give me ears to hear your voice of love and acceptance.”

Isaiah 54:17 (NLT)

No weapon turned against you will succeed. You will silence every voice raised up to accuse you. These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord; their vindication will come from me. I, the Lord, have spoken!

Do you really know who you are? Most people don’t. And when I say, “who are you?”, I’m not just asking your name or nationality, I’m asking you something bigger.

You don't know who you are, do you

I’m wondering if you know how to stake your identity in Christ. If you can’t, you are in danger! 

Because If the enemy can keep you believing you aren’t in Christ – you won’t act like you’re in Christ. 

So, let me ask you…do you know who you are in Christ? AND, do you walk in that identity constantly?

I’m going to show you two reasons why it’s hard to keep your identity in Christ and ONE very simple thing you can do immediately to help you remember who you are in Christ. So you can act like you’re in Christ!

It’s all right here in this podcast:  Soul Fitness Made Easy iTunes

Or you can listen on the podcast player below.

Soul Fitness Made Easy Podcast: Do You Know Your Identity in Christ?


Need a touch of God’s mercy but not sure he’s willing to give you a fresh dose? Good news: God doesn’t do leftovers!


Read below or listen to the podcast. (in iTunes click here.)

I have a confession to make: The only time I like leftovers is when I’m not in the mood to cook!

Like last night.

I was tired. I had a tough day solving problems and technical issues on one of my websites as well as conflicts with booking speaking engagements.

At the end of yesterday when my family was asking, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

I didn’t have it in me to lift a finger. Have you been there?

I just didn’t even want to invest any energy even thinking about what I could whip up because I had nothing planned nothing!

I looked at my 16 yr old daughter and said sheepishly…


She wasn’t thrilled.

How about you? Do you like leftovers?

I typically don’t like leftovers unless they are YUMMY!

So have you been in a spot where you looked up at God and said, “What have you got for me?

I’m hungry in the relationship area. I’m hungry in the health arena. I’m hungry in my job for a promotion… “God, what have you got for me?”

Listen: You will NEVER hear God say: “Leftovers!”

Here’s how I know God doesn’t do leftovers:

His mercies are new every morning.

Look at what the Bible says in Lamentations 3:22-23

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (ESV)

I Love that last line – “Great is thy faithfulness”…even when I’m not.

Yep, God is faithful to you even when you’re not faithful to him.

That’s mercy! That’s grace!

And he doesn’t assess what you’ve done that day or haven’t done – and say – “Nope, you haven’t done enough for me or others today – So I’m not giving you something new – You’re just getting leftovers!”

NO! His mercies are new every morning. 

  • Some mornings you may need more patience than others.
  • Some days you may need more love for a coworker.
  • Some days you may need a little more strength to get the job done, or the house cleaned, or the oil changed or the diapers changed.
  • Some days you need more strength to get through a chemotherapy treatment.
  • Some days you need more help than others.

Know what? God doesn’t serve up what’s left over from the day before!
He serves up something fresh and new!

Unlike me – I turn to leftovers when I’m too tapped out to cook or lacking time. God’s got his world under more control than I do.

He’s capable of whipping up something new for you every morning. Every day. He has unlimited resources!

So to you who’s marriage is falling apart, yes, you, the one who wrote to me and said your husband walked out on you… God’s got new mercies for you tomorrow morning.

You who wrote me and said you’re weak from sickness and disease – God has new mercy for you today.

You who are depressed and down – God’s mercies are waiting for you today. And he’s got everything you could possibly need to get you through your day. And the next day and the next day!

Reminds me of the scripture, Psalm 23:6

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. (ESV)

Let me paraphrase that – Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you – all the days of your life.

God’s mercies are new for you every morning. And, they’re going to follow you through out your day!

God doesn’t do leftovers – aren’t you glad!

Click here for the podcast version of Why God Doesn’t Serve You Leftovers.

When the crap hits the fan, where do you hide? Or maybe a better question is, what do you do? How do you as a Christian believer, face an all-out attack from the enemy?

You know he’s going to try, right? Try to pull you down. Try to get you to give up. Try to get you to abandon the hopes and dreams that you’ve had.

  • What will your response be the next time he strikes?
  • What did you do the last time the devil tried to attack you?

If you sense the enemy is trying to assault you right now, whether it be in your finances, your health, your relationships, your workplace, or elsewhere, watch this short video I prepared for you and you’ll learn…

What every believer needs to know about overcoming an attack.

After viewing this, you’ll know exactly what to do so you can reach your dreams and your destiny.

[youtube id=”MW2NDx8a1_o”]

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