What’s a faith-free loader? Glad you asked. See if you can find yourself in any of these scenarios, then we’ll talk about what to do about it so you can get the things you’ve been wanting all along.

  • In weight loss, it’s the gal who wants six pack abs by taking a pill while eating ice cream on the couch.
  • In dating, it’s the guy who wants to date a model by reciting some canned pickup lines …even though he’s a poorly dressed slob who compulsively picks his nose.
  • In business, it’s the guy who wants a flood of customers but doesn’t provide actual value in exchange for the money.

In business, it’s the guy who wants a flood of customers but doesn’t provide actual value in exchange for the money.

What’s a Faith Freeloader?

Faith-Free Loaders are people who are the lowest common denominator to their own faith. They desperately pray for something they need, yet put no faith in their ability to do something that will change their situation.

When I was in college, I was working full-time at a restaurant, was a part-time youth pastor, and took a full course load. I averaged only 4 hours of sleep each night – because, sadly, I didn’t have time to sleep. (Or so I thought!)

Result? I was constantly whipped. Tired was an understatement. I survived on 14 Diet Cokes a day to get my caffeine fix.

And you know how silly I was? Ok, let’s just call it like it was – STUPID. I was stupid. Because I’d stay up studying till midnight after working an 8-hour shift, then get up at 4 am.

I would PLEAD with God to give me energy and make me wide-awake. I asked for a miracle every morning that I wouldn’t feel tired. What kind of stupid is that?!

If I needed more rest, I should have cut something out of my life and slept more.

Hey, look, you can pray till you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t put your faith where your mouth is, your faith isn’t worth a pile of poo!

So, am I saying you have to add works to faith?

NO – but sort of.

Some people totally misconstrue the verse: “Faith without works is dead.” (James 2:14). They take it to mean that they have to add their own works to their salvation in order to have solid faith. And that’s misunderstanding the Idea of Faith Without Works

This is not what that scripture means. It’s talking about the fact that faith without Christ’s work is dead. Chew on that for a bit till you get it.

BUT, I’m not saying that you get to be a freeloader when it comes to receiving the things Christ’s work has granted you. If you don’t put your actions to work believing you can behave in a way that brings you what you’re praying for…you probably won’t get it.

You can pray for a miracle to help you get money you need to pay for your groceries, but if you spend your paycheck on beer, it’s not happening!

If you’re praying to lose weight – you need to pray that God will help you make healthy eating choices, start exercising, get enough sleep, and do a better job of taking care of yourself.

And it takes FAITH to believe you can do these things. Especially if you haven’t had success with it in the past.

Some people crack me up – coming to me at the end of a service or ministry time, asking me to pray that they will receive a “MIRACLE” in their area of need. Yet, they will go home and engage in the very same behaviors that got them into their trouble in the first place.

Write this down: The wiser you are, the fewer miracles you’ll need in life.

The smarter your choices, the less you’ll need God to get you out of constant crisis mode. 

So what can you do if you have Freeloading faith tendencies?

Use your faith to ask God to change you – that’s where the real miracle is!

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