What a JERK!!! It’s not fair…being wronged, being treated unkindly. Ripped off. Ripped up. Your dignity stripped away. Yep, that’s you there getting the royal treatment from a first class jerk.

Now what? Take a deep breath. Help is on the way. I’m going to show you how to handle the jerks in your life and get your sweet revenge too!

1st Step: Measure It

Measure what they took from you. Measure?! Yes, figure out how much they stole from you. Was it your reputation? How much? Was it your spot in line? How much longer did you then have to wait? Was it money? How long will it take for you to make that amount up? Was it an idea they took credit for? How much effort will it take to come up with something new and just as brilliant? What was it? Figure out what you lost, because they OWE YOU big time!

2nd Step: Cancel It

Knowing exactly what you lost…let it go. Huh?! Yes, release it. It’s gone anyway. Now you need to accept that it is gone and it can’t be replaced. Even if they tried to make it up to you, it will never be replaced with the same exact thing. So what choice do you have? They incurred a debt with you. One they will never be able to repay. So your only option is to cancel the debt. This is called forgiveness. Yes, it’s the hardest on the list. But the most important. Forgiving gives you the freedom to move on. Don’t let the jerk keep you tied up. Let em loose! Don’t be bound; you have places to go and things to do!

3rd Step: Get Praying

Pray for the jerk. Yuck! I know, I don’t like praying for people who mess with me either. I don’t want to pray for the jerks in my life because that will help them, and heck, even bless them. Why would I want to be good to someone who messed with me? Consider this little known secret: it empowers you to make a difference in their life. You get to be their game-changer. Didn’t know you were signing up for that, did ya? You can actually be the one to jerk them out of jerk mode! Get praying.

4th Step: Give Love

Love the jerk. Excuse me?! Hard to swallow, huh? But look, there’s something in it for you. God says over and over again that if you’re really mature, you will love everyone unconditionally. Now here’s the rub – unconditionally means even when they screw you over. Having a jerk is the only way to see if you have love. You love them when they are unlovable. Yes, I know, sounds like you are getting the shaft again. But passing the love test makes you more like Christ. And looking more like Christ means you’re going to receive the blessings He’s got for you. That would involve a crown, a mansion, and tons of cool stuff here on earth. I’d say loving the jerk is worth it, wouldn’t you? Love the jerk; it does you good!

5th Step: Look Good

With your eyes, get searching for some good in the jerk. Now, it’s going to take a willingness to accept that this person has some good. And ahhhh, that’s tough. You are so focused on their ugly spot, you convince yourself there are no beauty spots. Look hard my friend. You did? Look again. The beauty is there, it just takes a willing eye. Once you find it, thank God for it. I’m sure you’re wondering, ” Are you outta your mind!?” Try it, it will put you in a better mood. There’s no way you can stay mad when you are grateful.

6th Step: Shut Up

Refuse to talk badly about them. I know you really want to rake them over the coals. And yes, it seems the whole world needs to know about their jerky side. But there is an advantage to controlling your tongue. When you speak poorly of others, subconsciously people think bad of you. Negative tongue wagging lands you in a sad category according to others. Think about it, it’s true. Let it not be you!

7th Step: Pay Back

REVENGE! Now we’re talking! But here’s what you need to know: You probably can’t do as good a job at stickin it back to them as God can, so why not let God do it? He’ll blow you away with His masterfully crafted plan to make them reap what they sow. Romans 12:19 says, “Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say,“I will take revenge; I will pay them back,”says the Lord.”

So, leave it to God, He always does a better job at pay-backs than you do, and it’s less work for you. You’ve got a guaranteed win-win here. Go get a Starbucks and prop your feet up. Let God give the hit and watch the jerk squirm, sweet deal, eh?!

There you go. You’ve learned how to handle the jerks in your life. If you pull this off, you will see that having a jerk in your life can really benefit you indeed!

Let me know if this helps. Comment below!

16 Responses to “7 Steps to Handling the Jerks in Your Life and Getting Revenge Too!”

  1. Lady Bee

    Pastor Linda, this is just a wonderful revelation! Thanks for letting God speak through you and reveal somethings that we all need to hear and remember…Love you mucho & God bless ♥

  2. patty

    Love this!
    We know that revenge and retaliation can do nothing but harm our inner selves, and you have laid out a wonderful description and workable strategy to keep it from corrupting our spirits. Personally, I have seriously tried to implement steps # 3,4,5,6, and 7 because while it is not easy, it is what is supposed to be.
    But…. I never considered # 1 and 2! Measure it and Cancel it? Wow! Once you actually count the costs and then cancel them, you might just be able to end it there! :)))
    You are brilliant!

  3. Gena

    All, I could not help but read the remarks to this blog. For my sister, Robin, I recommend two books where it teaches you Devine Mind and Heart — lead with Love. Read “The Secret” and “The Power” by Rhonda Byrnes.

    With Love in your thoughts, love will be returned as Jesus stated: “Give, and it will be given to you… for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

    You’re only a jerk magnet because that’s what’s in your thoughts… so of course jerks gravitate to you. You need to change your thoughts and feelings. Think and visualize you being with the most wonderful man in the world and imagine what you would do married to that wonderful man. Then and only then will you find that perfect man entering your life.

    From Gena

    • deborah

      God allows everything to happen and it all comes together for God, the closer we get to God, things will be revealed. My most recent experience proved that the spiritual warfare is real.
      Glory be to God that I am aware

  4. Errol Tressler

    “Love is that splendid triggering of human vitality the supreme activity which nature affords anyone for going out of himself toward someone else.” ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

  5. rodad

    Many years later after the article,I find and read it.Forgiving the person who is always in your life causing stress. I lived through a time where 9 people who I loved and thought were my friends were not. I was crushed. It took me a long time to view this as a learning experience. Then more time to love them again. I am only human and I cannot say my feelings are the same as before, but I now can work side by side day by day and not hate. I struggled to release this anger and now I will add prayer and not wait for revenge because I don’t want that, just peace now. However struggle with jealously. Thank you for your words I will seek pray to my past enemies but mostly myself to understand their thinking and why they act this way,which you said is not them but the darkness behind.

  6. Chwayita Sogoni

    I really needed this and it is more than helpful to my current situation, thank you.


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