A Surefire Way to Know If Your Steps are REALLY Ordered by God
Have you heard someone declare that their day went exactly the way God wanted it to go because their steps are ordered of the Lord?! That’s a great thought, but do you ACTUALLY believe that we make the right decisions 100% of the time? I’m sure even those with the greatest intentions blow it a few times a day, if not more.

It cracks me up when friends say, “I didn’t expect my day to turn out like that, but it must have been meant to be.” Well, how do you know it was meant to be? Is every decision we make “meant to be”? Nope! Especially in hind sight realizing we screwed up. Just because your day went a certain way doesn’t mean it was meant to go that way! But how would you know?

Take for example, the choice to wait and hold the door open for someone instead of running full speed ahead to your car because you are late for an appointment. Or making that split second decision to take a call that comes in rather than continuing the conversation you’re having with your child. Who’s to say which was the path God ordered and which was you-ordered? Do your secret ambitions and motives play a part? Hmm. Do your hidden fears and insecurities subconsciously sway every decision you make? Yep. Does your selfishness ever get in the way from doing something that God wanted you to do? Yep again!

Look, if you are a believer, God definitely says He will order your steps. It’s a done deal. But if you don’t follow His orders, well then, you won’t be following His steps. It’s not rocket science.

We have all experienced a parent or guardian giving us direction or orders, right? Are you beginning to cringe as you think back to childhood? Remember the orders: “Go clean your room.”, “Take out the trash.”, “Make your bed.” I wonder, did you always choose obedience in following those orders? I’m guessing there were days you didn’t do as ordered. Me too! I was given orders but sometimes failed to carry them out. And then there were times direction was given but I chose to do my own thing. Same with God, He orders our steps, but that doesn’t mean we are following His orders.

As I started writing this article my iPad 2, which I am typing on, was in perfect condition. Just 2 weeks old, I had been handling it with kid gloves and taking especially good care of it. I decided to take a break and refill my coffee cup. Putting my new iPad 2 on the table beside me, I started into the house. Seconds later I heard a crash. Oh my gosh, NOOOO-OOOO!!! I ran out to the porch…and yes, I found my iPad 2 face down on the hard concrete.

Before I picked it up I said a prayer, “PLEEEEZZZZE GOD, NO DAMAGE, NO CRACKED SCREEN…” I slowly picked it up and turned it over. My heart sank. The corner was dented, the screen cracked, and I felt weak all over. All I could say was, “God?!!” Like, why? How come? Then I took a breath and thought, how stupid! How dumb of me to lay it on the table on top of my Kindle. It must have been sitting at a slight incline and within 20 seconds it slid right off the table.

So right now, as I type away on my cracked iPad screen, I’m wondering, did God really order my steps this morning? Of course He did. Did He mean for my iPad screen to crack? I don’t know. I may never know. Maybe He did. Maybe He didn’t! I do know He will turn it around for good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean He intended for it to happen.

Before I started my day, I asked for His wisdom to lead me. Before I began my tasks I asked for His direction. He seemed to be leading me. I truely believe He was. But did I make a mistake? Was my jugement clouded when I laid my iPad 2 down on top of a surface at an unseen angle? So, could that have been a step I took that God didn’t order? Probably. I may never know.

See, the decision I made not only broke my heart for a moment, it also caused me pain and a lot of other things. It will cost me time to get it repaired and it will probably cost me money. I would like to think God didn’t plan that for me because I walk in favor, right? Yes. But I know a scripture too, that says the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Even God’s children deal with disappointment and problems.

So what is a God fearing person to do to ensure their steps are in step with God’s?
Here’s what it takes:
Ask God to help you not only hear His orders, but to also help you FOLLOW His orders.
And know, even if you mess up, He’ll still be around. Look at what He promises you…

Psalms 37:23-24
23 The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
He delights in every detail of their lives.
24 Though they stumble, they will never fall,
for the Lord holds them by the hand.

So here’s the plan – ask God to reveal His orders to you each day. Do the best you can to follow them – and most likely your steps will be the right ones!

By the way, remember my cracked iPad screen? God turned my mistake around by giving me favor…my iPad was replaced at no cost! Thank you Apple and thank you God!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this. Leave your comments below.

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  1. david

    I agree 100% with “the plan” , ask God first thing in the morning wisdom everydaywith every issue, with each person, and especially when dealing with yourself, start each day day thankful then step back and you do your part, obedience and let God take care of the rest. Thanks for the inspiration, thought the ipad 2 story was great!

  2. patty

    Oh, my goodness! Finally, a practical approach to what happens, or not, in a day. There’s a million opportunities to slightly or significantly change any action, thereby changing the course of your day. Or life. We hear: “if the bullet was one centimeter closer, he’d be dead.” “If I just waited a minute, I could have avoided this traffic accident….” and on and on it goes.

    Meant to be? Yes, life is meant to be, salvation is meant to be, free will – meant to be. I believe God honors those decisions you make as long as your heart is following him and you are serving him. God is not a fortune teller, nor does he do magic. He guides your heart and he performs miracles, big difference.

    Is there a supernatural antecedent for every natural consequence? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe there is a natural consequence for every natural event. While He is sovereign, God doesn’t usually suspend his laws of nature to illustrate his favor. I have God’s favor whether my car breaks down or not, for instance. For instance, maybe a mechanic was available on the spot — well, if that could happen why didn’t God just prevent the breakdown? Maybe there was something to learn in the interim.

    We just can’t be so busy analyzing God’s direction only to miss His direction!

    Thanks, Pastor Linda, for a great blog.

  3. Hector Ocasio

    Dear Linda that was just awesome, I really never though about like that, that was deep but understandable it really open my mine to think differently. that was so good and i appreciate the eye opener, it really make you think about your walk with God is it His steps that we take every day all just our steps. I’ll be thinking about this for a while, thank you so much for letting God used you in such a way . may God bless and your family and our church family.

  4. Tony Ortia

    Linda, I am happy that you got your ipad replaced. And I think that asking God to order your day is just an awesome way to start your day. I have come to learn that this is the best way to start off. Great stuff!

  5. Jonnie Mae

    Very well put ! I needed to read this…though I know this to be true, it is nice to be reminded. I know not all my steps were what he would have me do. I am thankful he has always been by my side. All I can do is just continue to ask him for his guidance in my steps daily.

    Thanks for posting what a blessing you are.

  6. Robin

    I need this today. I keep asking,a nd I keep feeling like I’m not getting an answer, even to the point my fait is taking a hit. I will hang on. I’ve had some pain and some deep disappointment, but He is more than able. I justprey I’m not doing so much to displease Him that I am missing His blessings.

    • Jacquelyn

      Dear Robin
      I understand just where you’re coming from and how you feel having been there many a time myself. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ 33years this month!Yeh). So don’t give up hope. You will reap in due season if you faint not. I pray that you have a good network of other Christians who are around you praying for you. Continue to cry out to God He will hear and answer your prayers.

  7. Jacquelyn

    Im very encouraged by your comments on these verses. But as I read about what happened to your ipad, I thought; though you were doing a very good thing with the ipad you just simply put it down in a bad position. Now whether it was the enemy causing trouble as usual…God still turned it around for your good in completing what you wrote and for all the good of the people who have read and still are reading your explanation including me!. Our steps are ordered by the Lord anyway whether things (sometimes) go well or not!
    Verse 24 concludes that fact at the end by stating “…for the Lord still upholds him with His right hand” I’ve struggled many years, over whether my steps were actually ordered by the Lord because of the things that were getting in my way but I had to stop second guessing every step and just trust that what He said in those verses He was absolutely able to do whether I understood the logistics of it or not! So I say God bless you, your ipad and God for putting us all back on the right path. Love to you.

  8. Shanena Zeno

    I was just praying about how do I know when God is ordering my steps?,and found your post. Im thankful to be reading this here. I must keep the faith and keep doing the right thing for the Lord. Thanks for your words of rememberence of God care for his children


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