I’m bringing you a special Valentines Day treat! Here, you’ll find your biggest questions about love answered in this radio interview I did for Stefen G’s show. If you’ve ever wondered…

  • How can you stay in love for a life-time?
  • Is there one special somebody out there for you?
  • How do you love a jerk?
  • What if you fall out-of-love?
  • How do you love someone with BIG flaws?
  • The real meaning of 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love.
Radio Interview on Love


Take a listen to this fun interview, as Stephen and I discussed all things LOVE and UGLY!

Enjoy and share!

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If you need a Belief-Boost today, this one’s for you. There’s a great story that’s been told and it’s still one of the best showing how you can achieve and receive more than you ever thought possible if you will just do this one thing…

Boost your belief.

Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Why is that such a big deal you say? Because back then, no one had ever made it happen. Back then, no one would dare believe it was possible. Back then, people were in the dark about what the human body was capable of.  No one believed it was doable.

But as soon as Roger did it, tons of others accomplished the same thing. Today, it’s no big deal. And it’s done by even high-school kids.

So, let me ask you…did the human body evolve making this possible?


But belief’s did!

Let me give you something that can change your life. Write this down. Tape it to your forehead. (Kidding! But you could tape it to your mirror or computer screen.) Here ya go:

The size of your prayers are determined by the size of your belief. -Dr. Linda Travelute

Want proof? Try this on: “Anything is possible for those who believe.” Hey, a guy named Jesus came up with that one! Good stuff. That’s one to reprogram your brain with.

Here’s two questions for you to consider:

  1. Have you been receiving small answers to your prayers?
  2. If so, could it be because you’ve been praying small prayers?

Stop and think about it. What did you pray about yesterday? What was on your prayer list this past week?

Write it down.

Seriously, WRITE IT down.

I’m waiting…

Now take your pen and scribble a prayer that’s 10x’s bigger. Yeah, come on, go for it. God loves it when you stretch your prayers! He’s big enough to come through! Give it a whirl.

Ok, now think like Roger Bannister. It doesn’t matter if you know anyone who’s ever received the kind of thing you just wrote down. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever seen God answer a prayer that big for you before.

Think like Roger did when he was about to tear down that track. He believed. He saw it in his mind. And because he boosted his belief, he boosted his results.

You can too!

Roger Bannister Crossing the Finish Line

Roger Bannister Crossing the Finish Line

It’s time to stretch your belief. Give it a boost. Your God is able to abundantly more than you can ask or imagine. With that in mind, boost your belief. And let’s just see what God can do.

If you’re no longer limiting him with your tiny belief system, he’s going to do more than you could ever dream. Just wait and see. And let me know how it goes!

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You’ll Get Through This

doubt pic2Yes, You’ll Get Through This.

How do I know?

Because you’re about to read how.

(Or you could hear how by tuning in to the Soul-Fitness Made Easy Podcast in iTunes. Click here.)

Then you’re going to beat this thing that’s weighed you down.

Beat it I tell ya. You’re gonna beat this.

Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to explain why you haven’t beaten your problem yet. Whether it be a sickness, a financial downturn, a relationship issue, a friendship gone bad…you name it…I’m going to outline the underlying culprit. Then I’m going to tell you how to quickly fix it.


Let’s do this!

There’s a ton of evidence that the Great Depression might not have been a depression at all had people had their heads in the right place. See, an ugly cloud of panic swept over the country and the world after the stock market crash of 1929.

That panic took over our world and transformed into a great depression. It started mentally and manifested itself financially. What could have and should have been just a deep recession, became bigger and badder than it needed to be.

All because of panic, fear, and doubt.

President Roosevelt tried to stop it with a home run of a speech. His famous, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” was the key. But not enough people bought in.

If millions of people can have thoughts run amuck bringing world-wide disaster, think how your own thoughts can do damage in your corner of the world.

The Take-Over

When we spend tons of time thinking about what we doubt, fear and panic takes over. And when that happens, you are headed for catastrophe. It zaps your emotions, drains your energy, taxes your immune system, and robs you of what you need to get out of the mess you’re in.

And it’s all brought on by doubt.

Crazy little booger, huh?

So here’s what you need to do to whip up on that doubt:

1.    Doubt your doubt.

If you’re going to doubt something, why not doubt the doubt? That’s right, flip it on it’s heals. You don’t have to doubt. Whenever you start to doubt, say to yourself: “God’s going to help me find a way to have everything I need and more.”

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19.

If you will change your mind and make it line up with what God’s Word says, and keep your mind lined up…that problem will change too.

Ahh, but it’s hard to keep your mind changed, isn’t it? I know. But you have to dig in and do it. Determine you are not going to think outside the lines of what God says you have. Doubt your doubt, not your God.

2. If and when you’re afraid – you have to just do it afraid. That’s advice my coaching clients pay me big bucks for! If you do the thing you fear, your fear will disappear.

If you need a little more convincing on that, watch this quick little video clip of me on this very topic. (You’ll also discover what inspires Joyce Meyer’s hairstyle.) Video clip: Do It Afraid.

3. Trust God more than you trust your doubt. This is the third thing you need to know to get through your problem and whip up on your doubt.

By the way, why are you trusting a doubt? It’s a doubt!!!

(Please, please let that sink in.)

A doubt is unfounded. No proof. No evidence. It’s just a thought you have. If you can’t prove a doubt my friend, then why are you believing it?!


When you completely trust God, you don’t have to fear anything else. You don’t have to doubt. He’s got you in the palm of his hand. You can trust him with your life. He’s more interested in you than you are. Yes, this is true!

There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. 1 John 4:18 GNT

So, if you love God perfectly (perfect love trusts 100% – see 1 Cor 13) then you will fear NOTHING. Doubt NOTHING. Why? Because when you love God perfectly, his love drives out all fear.

Did you catch that? If you trust God’s love for you 100%, you will fear NOTHING. Doubt NOTHING.

So, with those things in mind, you will get through this. If you:

  • Doubt your doubt.
  • Do it afraid.
  • Trust God more than your doubt.

Doubt your doubt NOT your God! ~Dr. Linda

Can’t Fall Asleep? Try This!

I was lying in bed last night, eyes shut, but not asleep. You too? Did we have too much on our mind? Probably. Usually when we can’t fall asleep it’s because something is bugging us. We may not even realize it lurking under the surface. Let me show you how you can sleep peacefully, even when your life isn’t in perfect condition.

Whatever bugs us steals our peace. If you want a way to get to sleep, give this a shot. It works. After I did this, I slept through the night. Here’s my million-dollar advice to grab a good night’s rest:

Thank your way to sleep.

Yeah, forget counting sheep. Count your blessings. Remember that old song…”Count your blessings, name them one by one…”

Why do this when you’re trying to fall asleep? Because when you do, you’ll see what The Lord has done.

Now, how’s that going to put you to sleep? Because, it will put you in peace.

When you focus on The Lord, and what he’s done for you and others, the natural by product is peace.

Many people over the years have asked me to pray that they will have peace when they are faced with a big hairy ordeal or a whammy of a problem. And hey, I can ask God to give them peace till they’re blue in the face, but they won’t get peace unless they do what God tells them to do to get peace.

What do we have to do for peace to settle upon us like a warm comfy blanket?

Focus baby. Focus!

On what? Focus on God. And one of the best ways to do that is to focus on what he’s given you.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isa 26:3 NLT

And what do you do when you would rather NOT focus on what God’s given you –like when you’re ticked off because he hasn’t given you what you’ve been asking for? (Let’s be real, we do that don’t we? Myself included!)

Again, here’s another piece of million-dollar advice: 

Force yourself to focus on past blessings. Yes, this is the only time I will suggest you look to the past! Look to years past (or just days past) so you can count your blessings – what The Lord has already done. Hey, even if you don’t feel like it – just go with it – you want to sleep don’t ya?!

This is how it looked for me last night:

  • God, thank you for that Starbucks coffee in my kitchen that I will thoroughly enjoy tomorrow morning (yep, my coffee is THAT high on my list.)
  • God, thank you for my health, I’m strong and in good shape.
  • And how I’m loving my Nike pink and black cross trainers, yay, God!
  • Thank you for the man that’s snoring beside me, he is such a great guy and I’m so glad he’s mine. (Yes, that man is my husband.)
  • Thank you for this marshmallow-like, memory foam mattress topper, which makes my bed so soft.
  • I’m so grateful for my two kids that love you and are on a mission to change the world.
  • Thank you, sweet Jesus that I have you.
  • I’m stoked about the project I completed today – thank you for your help.
  • Thank you for the speaking engagements that have been added to my calendar so I can bring hope to people all over the world.

See, I just kept rattling them off…no particular order…till I felt God’s peace.

And that peace put me to sleep.

Thankful Peaceful Sleepful picGive it a shot. Get over yourself. Get your thoughts on God. When you do, you will experience his peace falling on you like the warmth of a summer breeze.

Ahhh, nice huh?

I could go into all the boring details about what happens in your brain when you start recounting things for which you are thankful. But just know that focusing on things that you appreciate releases chemicals that will make you feel at peace and sleepy. Ok, physiology lesson over. (Isn’t God smart?!)

Now go to sleep. 🙂

Email me and let me know how this works for you. I’m just a few keystrokes away: DrLinda@lindatravelute.com.

Do You Know How the Joy-Strength Connection Works?

Maybe you’ve heard this Bible verse before: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

It’s a simple formula. No joy = No strength.

The Bible promises you that there will be joy in the morning.

Fact: Morning isn’t always followed by night. Am isn’t always after a pm. Morning is whenever you wake up!

So why are you so sad? Have you been snoozing and that’s why you’re zapped of joy?

How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning? 1x? 2x’s? 3x’s? Oh, let’s not go there!

It’s time for you to WAKE UP!

 And here’s how you can wake up so you can find joy:

The reason some people don’t have a morning is because they’ve been in mourning! This “mourning” is defined as: grieving the loss of something.

The opposite of joy is sadness. If you don’t have joy – you are sad.

So if you have no joy, you have no strength. Ask yourself, “What have I lost that has sapped my joy and strength?”

We grieve whenever we loose something. You know how bummed you get if you drop your phone in the toilet….Major downer! It’s a loss to your wallet too, because if the ol, dry it out in a jar of rice thing doesn’t do the trick, you’re most likely going phone shopping in the morning!

Any kind of loss, whether it be a favorite item, a job, or a loved one can cause us to grieve.

That saps our strength because it saps our joy.

How do you get that joy back?

 Let Praise be a problem for your problem. -Carl Lentz

It’s almost impossible to have feelings of sadness when you are thinking about how grateful you are. Test it out for yourself! Try being sad at the same time you are thankful you have a full stomach, a car to drive, a great cup of coffee, a love in your life, or even warm cozy slippers on your feet.

Think about something your thankful for and see, there is absolutely NO WAY you can be thinking anything sad at the same time you’re “thinking thankfulness”.

So if you want to find joy in the Lord, think about how grateful you are for all he has done for you. Then thank Him for it!

Bonus Idea: Worship music is a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Music alone lifts people’s spirits. That’s why radio stations and music cd’s are so popular. Music soothes the soul. Even better when it’s music that lifts up the name of Jesus. When you lift up the name of Jesus you get lifted. It’s a simultaneous blessing aka…payoff!

You can’t praise God without feeling better.

Next time your in a funk, get out your worship tunes, get your praise on, and lift up the name of the Lord, thinking about all he’s done. As you do, you will feel your strength return because you will find your joy in the Lord. Cause it sure ain’t in your loss!

How to take action today:

  1. Think about what you have, not what you don’t.
  2. Focus on the good, not on the bad.
  3. Sing about God-things instead of dead things.

Find Joy = Find Strength!

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Are you stuck too? Are you needing some wisdom pushed your way? A couple days ago I was up against a wall. I needed answers fast. Here’s what happened and how I found what I needed. You can use this same idea and get the knowledge you need to tackle what your facing too – watch this!

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When I was overweight, I tried, tried, and tried to tackle the problem on my own – using my willpower. I’d succeed for a few days but then cave in again to eating what wasn’t in my best interests.
How’s that for putting it mildly?I believed that if I just had enough willpower I’d be able to get over the hump.
I’d look for new ways to increase my willpower. I’d zero in on my bad eating habits and try harder. But I’d fail.

You too? Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to kick that nasty habit that’s been tailing you for years? You think you’ve mustered up just enough willpower to do the trick, you dig in, give it all you’ve got – only to be defeated once again. But this time you give up. It seems of no use.Here’s why your willpower won’t work. And here’s how you can kick bad habits and addictions for good without willpower!Why doesn’t your willpower do the job?

Answer: To keep you from thinking it’s all you.

When you think you’re strong – you don’t need God. And that’s a dangerous place to live. Why? He can’t help you if you don’t need him. And obviously you do – because you keep failing on your own.

Fact: God loves to rush to your side giving you the strength you need to tackle your challenges.

When you say, “I’ve got this. I can do this. I have willpower,” you are setting yourself up for failure because you’re depending on your own strength.

Pride is at the Root of Willpower

You weren’t meant to have willpower. Will power is your own power that you slip into when you become prideful. That’s right, pride is at the root of willpower.

You think you’re big and bad enough to do anything you want to do. Guess what? You’re not. But I bet you’ve already figure that out, haven’t ya? So how about this…

Just Give Up – You Know you want to!

Why don’t you just give up and lean on God? You’ve been wanting to give up anyway, right?!

Does the Bible say, “Be strong in the power of your might?”

No, it says, “Be strong in the power of his might.”

So then, why do you keep thinking your willpower is going to get it done?


Are you there?

Give up and let God Do It. 

Ephesians 6:10b NLT:

Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

You don’t need willpower. You need God’s power. Give up and let God strengthen you. Yep, that will do the trick!

Pray This:

God, I have some things in my life that I want to put an end to. Yep, it’s time to change some habits that are not in my best interest. I know you will give me the power to tackle these behaviors that have become so routine. Give me your power, the power that is at work within me. The power that comes through Christ. I’m grateful, thank you that you are going to help me tackle this and change. In Jesus Name.

I bet you just wish God would push the like button on your Facebook page! If so, how often would you be glued to your Facebook notifications checking countless times to see if God “liked” your activity?

Yes, you want to please God, but if you’re doing it to score brownie points – you won’t get any. Why? Because you don’t need any! He doesn’t give em. His son did enough for you.

Here’s Why you might have a hard time understanding why you get God’s grace when you don’t deserve it.

It’s because the world is primarily set up to give you things only when you deserve them.

  • You work = you get a paycheck
  • You work hard, harder than the rest = you get a promotion
  • Be good – Santa will be good to you, bring you what’s on your wish list
  • You behave well = you get brownie points with mom and dad
  • Your kids clean their rooms – you let them have a friend over.
  • Your toddler goes potty like a big kid – he gets a sticker.
  • You clean your house = nuff said!

We’re condition by rewards. It’s in our blood. It’s all we know. And that is why you need to trade your blood for Christ’s. He shed his blood so you no longer have to give yours. Trying to please God with your Blood sweet and tears? Drop that idea. It’s no longer needed.

How did we become conditioned by a rewards system? It’s because Bible starts out that way back in the Old Testament. If you lived by the law, you received God’s salvation and blessings…

If you gave a sacrifice = your sins were forgiven.

But all that changed when Jesus paid for our sins by becoming our sacrifice. Since then, our sacrifice in anyway, shape or form is unnecessary to access the grace of God. What does this grace buy you?

Forgiveness. Salvation. Blessings.

It’s hard for you to wrap your head around this, I know. It was hard for me too. Hard to believe that the things I do, don’t count toward my salvation, nor do they count toward my blessings. It’s all free. Free and clear. And that just doesn’t seem right. But it’s right in God’s economy.

It’s right when we accept what Christ did is far superior that what we could ever do on our own to access grace.

Romans 4:5-8 But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners. David also spoke of this when he described the happiness of those who are declared righteous without working for it: “Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sins are put out of sight. Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin.”

God is not into paying you for what you deserve. Get that in your head…and you’ll have MORE than you deserve!

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Making The Most of Every Moment

My best friend, Dr. Kathy Harkema, has said to me many times, “Let’s just live in the moment.” That’s tough for me! I’m the kind of gal who can get so busy planning the future moments that it snuffs the life out of this moment. You too?  Let me give you a reason to take her advice…

Linda & Kathy, Michigan 2010

Linda & Kathy, Michigan 2010

  • Do you know how many times I drove to work thinking about all the things I had to do at work instead of enjoying the ride to work?
  • Do you know how many times I’ve been with people on the phone rehearsing my next remark instead of concentrating on what they were saying?
  • Do you know how many times I sat through dinner with my family thinking about what I had to do after dinner instead of savoring dinner with them?
  • Do you know how many times I took a walk with my husband, my hand in his, yet my thoughts were on what we still had to tackle in our lives and ministry instead of enjoying that moment with him?
  • Do you know how many times I chose to respond to a text message that could have waited instead of being fully present and engaged with the person I was with face to face?
  • Do you know how many times I was with my friends thinking about what I was wearing instead of enjoying their conversation?

Do you know many times you have……instead of……? Yep, fill in your own blank!

Why Living in the Moment Is So Important

The moments I have with you, the moments I have with my kids, the moments I have with the people I’m ministering or coaching or consulting or the moments I have with whoever is in the room ARE more important than what comes NEXT.

So many times I’ve asked my friend, Kathy, “What was the best part of your day today?” And she always says, “Right now!” I love that response. It shows she’s totally with me.

Linda & Kathy

Linda & Kathy

My challenge and yours…my commitment and hopefully yours…let’s just live in the moment. Because when we look back, we won’t get back the moments we wasted thinking about what comes next. Let’s make the most of the moment we are in now.

Savor it.

Suck every bit of life out of every moment you have. Enjoy it fully. 

Yes, plan, but don’t think so much about what’s going to happen next. It’s going to happen anyway. If you obsess over it, you’re wasting energy that you can’t retrieve and you miss out on what is now. The most important moment is the moment you are in now.

Savor this piece of advice from the wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-13 MSG

There’s a Right Time for Everything

There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth:

A right time for birth and another for death,

A right time to plant and another to reap,

A right time to kill and another to heal,

A right time to destroy and another to construct,

A right time to cry and another to laugh,

A right time to lament and another to cheer,

A right time to make love and another to abstain,

A right time to embrace and another to part,

A right time to search and another to count your losses,

A right time to hold on and another to let go,

A right time to rip out and another to mend,

A right time to shut up and another to speak up,

A right time to love and another to hate,

A right time to wage war and another to make peace.

But in the end, does it really make a difference what anyone does? I’ve had a good look at what God has given us to do––busywork, mostly.

True, God made everything beautiful in itself and in its time––but he’s left us in the dark, so we can never know what God is up to, whether he’s coming or going.

I’ve decided that there’s nothing better to do than go ahead and have a good time and get the most we can out of life. That’s it––eat, drink, and make the most of your job. It’s God’s gift.

Did you catch that? Now – the present – is God’s gift. Let’s let go of our obsessions about what’s next so we can enjoy what’s now. You with me?