Why do you lead the way you do?

Is it perplexing…trying to figure out why you are stressed and frazzled when certain things in your organization tick you off or rock your world?

Why do you respond the way you do?

Why do you make decisions the way you do?

Or have you ever wondered why you spend your time and run your day different than other leaders?

Do you feel weak in a board meeting?

Are you scared to confront a team member?

Horrified at thinking your behavior could be viewed as “unprofessional”?

Stop allowing your anti-temperament methods to hold you hostage.

Unleash the authentic leader within you.

If you need to see improvement in your leadership skills, it might be that you just need to understand your unique leader/temperament combination better… Because understanding is key to maximizing your strengths as a leader and managing your weaknesses.

Dr. Linda Travelute, The Leadership and Personal Growth Doctor of The John Maxwell Team, offers her newest coaching package, Discovering Your Authentic Leadership Style.

Here’s what you’ll experience:

• Two in-depth online assessments to discover why you do what you do. (Maxwell Leadership Assessment & Arno Temperament Profile)

• Understanding how and when your personality hard-wiring gives you an advantage.

• Learning what causes blind spots and how to minimize their negative impact.

• Identifying your natural tendencies for responding to conflict and managing stress in the workplace.

• Discovering why others do what they do and how best to leverage that diversity to achieve greater results.

If you’re ready to figure out what makes you tick so you can maximize your strengths, manage your weaknesses, and become the very best leader you were created to be, click here and schedule a free discovery session with Dr. Linda.