Want to learn how to be a great friend and make your friendships life changing?

This Sunday, join me and my friend, Dr. Kathy Harkema for a guest radio appearance. We’ll share our story – building a friendship that has truly transformed our lives.

You’ll discover:

  • The crazy risk we took in friendship and how it paid off.
  • The friendship benefits we have tasted and how you can enjoy them as well.
  • How we face conflict in our friendship without bloodshed & how you can too.
  • How we’ve learned to appreciate each other’s differences instead of letting them drive us crazy – there’s hope for you and your friend!
  • How you can maintain a friendship so it won’t die.
  • What forgiveness looks like and how you can offer it to your friend.
  • And…you can learn from our friendship mistakes so you don’t have to make your own!

Join us for friendship advice and inspiration this Sunday on The Healing Touch Radio Broadcast. We’ll be live on the air from 7 am to 8 am August 5th.

Tune in on your 1220am station or listen online www.Magica1220am.com

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One Response to “Don’t Miss Friendship Doc’s Radio Appearance Bringing You Advice & Inspiration for Friends”

  1. Patricia (Patty) Wallace

    SOMETIME LINDA ,I WISH I COULD JUST GET ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN AND JUST SHOUT TO THE LORD “THANK YOU ,THANK YOU,THANK YOU” I don’t know if I have told you this story about myself or not,if I have please forgive me for repeating it.2 years ago this past APRIL 18TH I was healed of M.S .It was on a Sunday Morning at 7 A.M. I woke to go to the restroomand got what I thought might was going to be a virus (LOL) popping out of both ends. Linda we had been praying for my Healing & My Mothers healings that was dieing down there in Florida.They had called and said she would not live 3 or 4 times before ,but because my Seizures & my M.S. was so bad thatI could not go to Florida .Linda on April 18th 2010 at 7 A.M. on that Sunday Morning God healed me I know because he told me so.I went back into the bedroomafter getting sick and jim coming in there and giving me a washcloth and I started praying and talking to my father and linda her came right in my face and called me by my name “Patricia Diane ,How many Times Have You Asked Me To Heal You ! “YOU ARE HEALED IN MY NAME GET UP AND WALK. At That time I was walking with a bad Limp and dragging my right leg. well I set up Father God said,”No Up on the Floor Linda it was like he got my hands and turned me to the side of the bed and he pushed up and when I stood up I walked into the bathroom where Jim was cleaning up,and Linda from that day on I have never walked with a limp. I went to Church that Morning and a Lady I had never Meet came up to me in the Prayer Room and told me that She had conformation from the Lord that I am healed in Jesus. Linda I had never seen or meet that Lady before that day then that Sunday night another lady came up to me with with conformation. I went to my Neurologist on Tuesday and walked in there and Kathy at the Front Desk looked at me and smiled they are all Christians including the Dr.Christopher LaGanke. When I went walking back to the room Dr. LaGanke Just smiled and said God s been at work again. I said he sure has. Then I finially got to come see my Mom before she pasted away.,Then we came back down there when she passed. They brought her body back here.I made all the arrangements for the funeral here ,because this is were they are from. My Mom Was a Prayer Warrior and I Know her Prayers and Everyone Else was answered for me,and they can be for anyone else , B E C A U S E M Y J E S U S I S T H E S A M E T O D A Y A S I T W A S W H E N H E H E A L E D T H E B L I N D.
    God Bless You & Your Family ,
    Patricia(patty) Wallace


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