Do You Feel Dirty Because of Your Background?

Susan came into my office and sat down. By the way she slumped into the chair I could tell things were eating away at her.

As she was unloading a dirty list of secrets, her head kept dropping a few notches with each account.

Stopping her, I said, That’s it. You’re done. You have a dirty record. You smell of sleeping with another man you’re not married to, you’ve been lying to your best friend about your extra curricular activities. But that’s it.

She looked at me confused.

That’s it?

How can you say that? Can’t you see how bad I feel about myself?

Yes, I shot back. I can. But you are forgiven, aren’t you? You have a Savior who paid for your sleeping around, right?

I guess so, she said.

And you have a Savior who cleaned the slate when you continued lying to your best friend, right?

She said…Sort of.

Sort of?!

Wait a minute, I said.

You believe Jesus died for you?

Yes, I do.

Then that’s all we’re going to focus on from here on. Got it?

How dirty is your background?

Spotty question, huh? Gonna give me a spotty answer?

Hey, it’s just you and me here, so let’s be real with each other. I’ve got skeletons in my past, you do too.  And I bet it makes you feel…

  • embarrassed
  • not-good-enough
  • ashamed
  • like a “low-life”
  • unacceptable
  • unworthy
  • unapproved
  • dirty

I’m feeling ya.

But I want you to know today that no matter how dirty your background is, you’re beautiful. Oh, you may not feel like you’re beautiful, but if you can put your emotions aside, and put this fact in front, you’ll begin to feel it.

I’ve got a little recipe for you. I know this could sound a little silly, but if you give it a go, you’ll find it changes how you feel about yourself. YES, you will start to REALLY feel beautiful (or guys – you can feel handsome).

With this concoction, you can finally start to put the past behind you. Regardless of what you’ve done, regardless of who did what to you and how you responded. Regardless of how you have coped with your past in the past – today can be the start of a new kind of feeling. A new beginning.

Ready to feel…

  • Secure
  • More than Good-Enough
  • Confident
  • Like a Boss!
  • Accepted
  • Worthy
  • Approved
  • Beautifully Clean

Here we go, here’s the recipe:

Take each of these verses. Write them out or print them. Keep them close by and read them in the morning. In the middle of the day. And yes, before you go to bed.

Why? Repetition of these scriptures will transform your thinking. And your “right” thinking will morph your feelings. You’ll feel beautifully clean.

Check these “Clean – Feeling Adjusters” out:

  • Titus 3:5 (NLT)

    he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.

  • Galatians 2:20 (NLT)

    My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

    This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

Stick to this recipe and you’ll be feeling beautiful in a short time! It worked for Susan. It can work for you too.

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  1. BG

    thank-you this is nice, I wanted to tell a story my daughter lay on the abortion table already taken preparations she said, while she awaited a song came on and said, 105.3 started playing christian music– she jumped up and ran out and the room, nurse said it was to late to leave-months later a baby was born she named him NOAH- he is almost 5 years old beautiful kid- at 3 he wandered away at 4 he jumped out the window and someone called cops and CPS took Noah away- then CPS made up lies and they are allowed to go by hear-say rumors, we are raising him to walk with God and he now lives with grandmother but she may not be qualified by CPS but she will give the most love and care and teaching good and walking with Jesus- its like a nightmare our last child the baby- of 5 other children 21 years to Noah, good kids that all love God, 16 year old Noah,s sister Karlea is so purely devoted to God she will remain a virgin till marriage both older brother’s both graduated and are lovers of JESUS- we want to keep this baby with are family and have justice- this would ruin our lives not to have this very happy child. he would become angry he is kinda spoiled being the baby- but the mother wants to die of a broken heart, everyone loves this baby his other sister is a teen so they adore the little tike, we just need prayer for what is God;s best for the child not the states bad opinions its weird as if the state has a adoption ready for the baby- God gave us this child to love not a stranger- its so painful yet we are doing all we can to stop from losing are youngest adventurous boy- who are these controlling dishonest working to adopt children from loving hurting pain its a case of attack, and so unbelievable. he sings songs- he has the joy joy joy in his heart- it feels like an attack and we are devoted to God, not perfect but we have the deepest love- God has stopped them they came to our home the night before Christmas to take him accusing grandma of drinking, grandma never has drink- so they could not take Noah but keep threatening- this case is heart-breaking to all- saying grandma is not caring and such untrue- Grandma loves God and its being wrongly accused, we believe God is in control, we see Noah playing in the back yard in the sunny days of summer as our faith to believe and see Noah has a future with his family- he is most loving child and CPS is acting like Noah would be better off being adopted and they are trying to rip a mother’s baby out of her ability to protect her baby- we need prayer for what is true justice for Noah- we live in a nice big home grandma maybe somewhat short on financially but God supplies our needs himself- he is well fed and loved deeply- thank you for any prayers! God bless and I pray for strength to remain strong through this heart-breaking battle. I have read your books very hard to put down- read over and over thank you dearly!


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