Do You Know How the Joy-Strength Connection Works?

Maybe you’ve heard this Bible verse before: “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”

It’s a simple formula. No joy = No strength.

The Bible promises you that there will be joy in the morning.

Fact: Morning isn’t always followed by night. Am isn’t always after a pm. Morning is whenever you wake up!

So why are you so sad? Have you been snoozing and that’s why you’re zapped of joy?

How many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning? 1x? 2x’s? 3x’s? Oh, let’s not go there!

It’s time for you to WAKE UP!

 And here’s how you can wake up so you can find joy:

The reason some people don’t have a morning is because they’ve been in mourning! This “mourning” is defined as: grieving the loss of something.

The opposite of joy is sadness. If you don’t have joy – you are sad.

So if you have no joy, you have no strength. Ask yourself, “What have I lost that has sapped my joy and strength?”

We grieve whenever we loose something. You know how bummed you get if you drop your phone in the toilet….Major downer! It’s a loss to your wallet too, because if the ol, dry it out in a jar of rice thing doesn’t do the trick, you’re most likely going phone shopping in the morning!

Any kind of loss, whether it be a favorite item, a job, or a loved one can cause us to grieve.

That saps our strength because it saps our joy.

How do you get that joy back?

 Let Praise be a problem for your problem. -Carl Lentz

It’s almost impossible to have feelings of sadness when you are thinking about how grateful you are. Test it out for yourself! Try being sad at the same time you are thankful you have a full stomach, a car to drive, a great cup of coffee, a love in your life, or even warm cozy slippers on your feet.

Think about something your thankful for and see, there is absolutely NO WAY you can be thinking anything sad at the same time you’re “thinking thankfulness”.

So if you want to find joy in the Lord, think about how grateful you are for all he has done for you. Then thank Him for it!

Bonus Idea: Worship music is a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Music alone lifts people’s spirits. That’s why radio stations and music cd’s are so popular. Music soothes the soul. Even better when it’s music that lifts up the name of Jesus. When you lift up the name of Jesus you get lifted. It’s a simultaneous blessing aka…payoff!

You can’t praise God without feeling better.

Next time your in a funk, get out your worship tunes, get your praise on, and lift up the name of the Lord, thinking about all he’s done. As you do, you will feel your strength return because you will find your joy in the Lord. Cause it sure ain’t in your loss!

How to take action today:

  1. Think about what you have, not what you don’t.
  2. Focus on the good, not on the bad.
  3. Sing about God-things instead of dead things.

Find Joy = Find Strength!

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