imagesWhat are you doing to slay that big hairy audacious goal? You know, that giant goal that’s been in your dreams for years but you’ve YET to make it happen? Are you ready for a shift today? Let me show you how you can use this giant goal slaying technique I call, “David’s Sling Shot Method,” so you can accomplish your dream goal easier than you ever thought possible.

After having her 3rd child, Debbie decided it was time to go back to school. Earning her master’s degree had always been one of her giant goals. And because it was a gigantic goal, it was daunting.

Debbie didn’t know where to start. Especially now that she had a baby in tow. There was more laundry than ever before, more mouths to feed than ever before, and more clean up than ever before.

And did we even mention that there was more children to care for than ever before? How in the world would she pull off working a full time job and going back to school while raising 3 small children? Can you imagine how impossible this goal feels?

Mike, her husband was continuously encouraging her to decide on her field of study. He wanted to help her achieve the goal that was in her heart.

Everyday Mike sent her links to different graduate programs. He was eager to see her go after her big goal. He was even willing to help with the children and do more than his share around the house to help Debbie make this happen.

But getting started was still the biggest mountain to climb for Debbi. She was overwhelmed with decisions.

  • What graduate program should I choose?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • How will I pay for it?
  • When will I find the time to study?
  • Will I find a program that’s close enough to home so the commute won’t burn me out?

As you can tell, she didn’t know where to start.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you drowning in a sea of goals that seem over your head?

If you’ve ever had a giant goal you wanted to slay, you too, may have fallen prey to “starter paralysis.” Let me show you how you can slay your giant goals starting today, using David’s 5 Stone Method.

There’s a story in the Bible about David killing the giant. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard the story, but did you ever wonder why David took 5 stones with him to slay one big giant named Goliath?

We know David took Goliath down with just one stone. So why did he pack four extra stones for his sling shot? Could it be that he didn’t think one stone was enough to do the trick? Was he over-thinking it?

Did David wonder if he was going to miss and he would need extra ammo to get the job done? Did he seriously think he’d even have 4 more chances to bring his giant down?

If you dive deeper into the Bible, specifically 2 Samual, you find Gioliath had 4 sons. That means there were 5 giants. Holy Crap!!! Yeah, that’s what I’d be thinking! Not one Goliath…5 Goliath sized giants.

David picked up 5 stones – one stone per giant.

So how do you slay 5 giants?

One by one.

He was going to take them down one at a time.

Even though the Bible doesn’t tell us if David killed all of those giants, my point is this: David’s sling shot method is a great way to tackle the giant goals in your life, especially when you feel overwhelmed and don’t know which giant goal to slay first. You take them down one by one. 

Determine How Many Stones You Need In Your Bag
What are your giant goals? It’s list making time.

  • Get a piece of paper out. Or grab that journal that’s been collecting dust. Find a pen, and let’s start writing.
  • Jot down your goals. Big. Small. And everything in between. You’ve got to know how many giants you’re dealing with here.
  • Jot down what resourses you need. College catalouges, a list of job openings, phone numbers, books or training programs, people you need to support your goal, etc.

Now, look at all your goals.

Take one giant at a time.

Which giant are you going to take down first?

Military strategists teach their armies to fight just one front at a time. Let’s do that too. Pick one goal. Just one. Slay that goal. Once you’ve taken that giant down, move on to the next giant.

As you successfully begin to slay your giant goals, write them down. Record your successes. Check them off your list. 

You’ll be picking up momentum each time you check one goal off your list and you’ll find the process encouraging. You’ll also have energy to keep going.

So remember, to begin slaying your giant goals with David’s sling shot method, just pick one giant at a time and take em down one by one! Ready?!

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