One Thing That May Make Your Reward Instantly Vanish Before Your Eyes!

You give and you’re promised a reward, right? Not so fast! A reward is something you can opt-out of and not even know it. Listen to how it can unfold so you don’t do the same…

A rush of emotions poured over me. I saw a person make a huge donation to an organization that’s feeding hungry children and orphans all over the world.

I was blown away! Ecstatic might be a good word too. I was excited about how his gift was going to impact these kids. And too, I was excited for this individual knowing that a truck load of rewards were going to be dumped into his lap.

But then I gasped!

I wanted to run up to him and say, “STOP! Stop speaking. You’re blowing it!”

Blowing what?

His reward.

He just let it fly out the window. Because his mouth revealed what he gave.


Really big bummer.

Because this was a really BIG gift!

The Real Reason Behind the Giving

At first I thought, this is really cool that he has learned the joy of unbridled giving. But then when he opened his mouth and began to tell people what he had done it became very apparent why he had given. It was to be seen. It was to feed his ego. It was to inflate his self-esteem.

And guess what? He may have gained those things. But he lost the reward that would have come from above. What a thought, the mother-load sacrificed for a tiny slice of “Good job!” Those momentary feelings he received, the at-a-boy pat on his back…that’s it! That’s all he gets for his generosity. Sad. Because God had arranged more.

This is what the Bible says about it in Matthew 6:1-4 (NLT):

Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven. When you give to someone in need, don’t do as the hypocrites do—blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I tell you the truth; they have received all the reward they will ever get. But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”

The Acid Giving Test:

If you can pull it off in secret, most likely your motives for giving are good. But if you’re doing it to be seen – that’s not good.

If you want credit for it here, you’ll sacrifice credit for it there. Where? Heaven, where the rewards are much weightier.

Here’s what you can do to check yourself the next time you feel like giving:

• Are you giving to someone else so you can give to yourself (via self-esteem, accolades, recognition, etc.) If so, then you’re not giving to God.

• Have you ever talked about the money you gave away?

• Do you tell others about your good deeds?

• Have you ever Tweeted or Facebooked your status after helping someone out?

If so, enjoy. Cause that’s all the reward you’re gonna get. Bask in it while it lasts. Or, you can wait for the praise from God and have it forever!

How much of a reward do you want? Do you want a little here? Or do you want it forever there? Shut your trap so it doesn’t shut down your reward!

Be a top-secret giver and enjoy the rewards forever.

Prayer Booster: “God I want to give with a pure  heart and for the right reasons. The next time I give, let my motive be to bless others – not myself. Help me to squash the desire to make it in anyway about me. I choose to wait for my reward and to give with no strings attached. Amen.”

What say you? Have you ever lost your reward? How would the redo look if it were possible? How will you give next time? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

6 Responses to “One Thing That May Make Your Reward Instantly Vanish Before Your Eyes!”

  1. Susan Bracewell

    Linda, thank you for this blog. I have just recently come to understand this was exactly what happened to me. When my husband died suddenly he left me with quite a bit of money. I am telling you I couldn’t give it away fast enough. I always knew giving was something that I love to do. I guess that is why I became a caregiver first in the medical field and now with my grandbabies. But looking back I never once thanked God for blessing us at the time of my husbands death with the chance to help others. Instead I just figured I was being giving the way I was suppose to and it would all come back to me in the end. Well long story short, I gave away all the money to friends who needed help, the church I attended, different organizations, etc. Soon I lost all but one of the friends, the church folded, I lost my home and because of my health was unable to hold a full time job. So over the last few years I have asked God why. Why did I lose everything? Wasn’t I good? Didn’t I live a life of generosity? And recently I got my answer in quiet prayer with God. I wasn’t giving to glorify God I was doing it more to make myself feel important. I am thankful for a God the loves me even though my own selfishness. Again thank you for the blog! Have a wonderfully God Blessed day.

    • Linda

      Wow you learned that one the hard way. Thank you Susan, for sharing your story. It will be a help to our readers. The cool thing is that you are doing it differently now!

      • Susan Bracewell

        Yes I am praise God. It was an extremely difficult lesson to learn but I did and I thank God that he was there and loved me regardless. I will always be thankful and give Him the glory.

  2. Christina Hernandez

    I must say that I love giving . I really rejoice off of seeing others be happy. But the sad part is before I was actually saved , I would give and always expect something in return , and if I didn’t receive something in return , I would sometimes be upset . I look back now and notice how selfish I was . It was so sad and depressing . I now am so happy and feel so fulfilled when I am a blessing to others . I thrive off of hearing testimonies about how good somebody feels when I help, but the best enjoyment is when I see others prospering . I love being a blessing to others . I actually cry on how I used to be, Now when i am in pain or in a situation and I receive it with such rejoice . How I say I’m blessed to be a blessing . Love you pastor Linda

    • Linda

      Ahhh…Chrisitana, You got it girl! You have found the joy in giving that not too many have! How sweet! Keep that heart and open hand! Love ya!


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