Want results, yet strapped for time?
Do you need to figure out how to get your prayers answered fast-but have no idea where to begin?
Looking for a guarantee that God hears you when you pray?
"We all go through times where we start to lose faith or hope..when things are just not going right and we feel like our life is in a disarray... Let's face it our most important relationship is put to a test. We often lose sight of where to turn.
Are you overwhelmed by
And HOW that affects your PRAYERS?
And maybe what you're NOT doing as a Chrisitan?
Ready to Boost Your Prayers & Get Results Faster & Easier?
"GOT-TO's" and GUILT
when you pray?
Let's get real. Prayer is sometimes like putting money into a soda machine that doesn't give you a drink in return, right? You stand in front of it, becoming more and more frustrated, until you finally kick it and walk away?...
Need a FRESH new way to pray that gets results immediately?
It’s a simple training system to help you boost your prayers so you can get answers. By understanding the key (most Christians overlook) that unlocks your prayers... you'll get your needs met, you'll discover how to get better results from your prayers—with more faith & LESS effort.
This is hard to admit, but... I remember many times, attending prayer meetings and, even while I was praying, wondered whether it was worth it. Or if prayer really worked at all.
Can You Imagine This?
You’ll have online access to the digital version of the entire product so you can access your training from anywhere. Your phone, tablet, & computer. Or download it to your favorite mp3 player.
What if you NO longer had this feeling that God is MAD at YOU & believed He wants to give you what you need? What if you could pray BOLDLY & CONFIDENTLY every time? What if you were no longer worried about how often you prayed and if you logged enough time praying?
Even if you've achieved some success with your prayers, you may have realized (as I did!) that it's still a lot more to understand than most of us would like to admit.
Up until now, there really wasn’t a simple solution, one that cures overwhelm—and that nagging guilt that keeps you up at night and tells you you’re not doing enough and should be doing more. A solution that helps you get better results from your prayers in less time.
If you’re willing to follow my lead, and implement my simple process, then I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and guarantee that this system will create more answered prayers, which will mean…
Prayer Rock-It Academy is like your secret decoder ring. It's the one product that will make sense of every other prayer program you’ve ever tried.
It's the ultimate prayer simplification system to get you out of frustration and overwhelm while showing you how to 1) get everything you need in life 2) create better thinking which transforms your faith and 3) get more prayers answered, laying the foundation that creates the health, income, impact, lifestyle—and results—you’re looking for.
And here's the best part: if you’re not fully blown away by what you receive, you can simply return everything in the first 30 days for a full refund—and we can still be friends.
Prayer Rock-It Academy flat out works — and I have the proof to back it up.
You'll get training for fueling your prayers & boosing your results in this simple, easy to understand program.
10 Audio Mp3 Set - you can listen at your own pace. Download onto your ipod, smartphone, computer so you can listen in the most convienient and comfortable place for you.
Workbook - This will help you shed old thoughts about prayer that don't work and help you embrace new ways to pray so you can pray with ease and grab every one of God's promises immediately.
Journal - You'll recieve a beautifully designed full-color journal that will help you implement the exclusive "Praying on Paper" strategy so you can make your prayers concrete and real.
I'm Dr. Linda Travelute, known as The Christian's Soul-Fitness Expert. I've spent 20+ years in full-time ministry answering all kinds of questions about prayer and how to become a strong believer.
Here's What You Get:
to cure overwhelm, and open up the door for more miracles, more solutions, more results...more freedom, fun, & fulfillment in your life!
I've done the research so you don't have to. I've got the experience and methods you need so you can get answers when you pray.
And It's my pleasure to help you learn how to pray in a way that gets you the results you need and desperately want. I'm going to do this with you.... Walk you through the Prayer Rock-It Academy program step-by-step.
Welcome to Prayer Rock-It Academy!
"Prayer Rock-It helped me realize all scripture is God breathed, what better way to pray then praying Gods promises back to Him. Then speaking and affirming the prayer out loud helped me believe it and made it real. I know I am on my way to financial peace." -Karen Lebron
"Project Rock -It helped me change my life towards feelings of rejection and loneliness. Dr. Linda Travelute’s prayer academy is simple, and comes straight from the Father’s heart. This has touched my life and continues to lead me in a place where I don’t have to complicate my communication with God; it helps me keep it simple...
Dr. Linda’s Prayer Rock-It Academy is an expression of mentorship in my spiritual life and have also become my helper in my daily walk with God. Thank you for your love! You inspired many." Love, Robin Landis
Would you like to have results like these people did?
This is how you and many others feel about prayer. The sad part is, you also may never attempt to use it again confidently. You've put in too many prayer coins and have recieved too few satisfying answers.
You'll spend less time in the "got-to's" and guilt—and discover what a Christian’s Prayer Life should be like: fun, full of freedom, powerful & effective.’
MORE miracles...like MORE income, MORE healing, MORE restored relationships, MORE growth, MORE impact, MORE wins, MORE fun and MORE freedom for you.
There were times I only went through the motions, even as a Christian leader, with NO BELIEF in the prayers I was whispering. I wish I would have had a Prayer Blueprint like Prayer Rock-it Academy then!
Prayer Rock-it has redirected me and encouraged me and helped me find my place. I am so grateful! Dr. Linda has been an inspiration to me from day one. I feel like my life has been launched in a whole new direction... the right direction! -S. Nalley
Here's what you get in each module:
"THOUGHTS POWERING YOUR PRAYERS" – Your thinking may have been breaking your prayers, here you’ll be learning how you can implement “Breakthrough Thinking” to mold your “Breakthrough Prayers”.
"MAKING YOUR PRAYER EDGE SHARP" – Discover the edge you have by hyper linking scripture to your prayers so you can get everything you need backed by the power of God’s Word.
"PRAYING YOUR SOLUTION" – You may be reversing the very prayers you pray in faith. Learn how to fix that & pray your solution right into your hands.
"WORDS THAT ROCK-IT PRAYERS" – Discover what to say when you pray, taking the guesswork out of your prayers.
"MAKING THE ENEMY BACK OFF" – Learn how to get the enemy off your back and under your feet so you can use the authority God has given you as a believer.
"FAITH & SOLID SHIELDS" – Pump your faith up and learn ways to make your shield strong so you’ll be ready to tackle any problem or challenge.
"STRONGHOLDS AREN'T WHAT YOU THINK" – Ditch the old religious ideas about strongholds so that you’re not caught off guard and can respond with strength and power when you need a breakthrough.
"MYTHS THAT KILL YOUR PRAYERS" – Discover the lies that you’ve swallowed with “old school” ways of praying so you can breathe freshness into your prayer life and enjoy a “guilt-free” prayer time full of hope and excitement.
"YOU DON'T HAVE TO DESERVE IT TO GET IT" – Enough with the idea of being good – enough to have your prayers answered! Learn the truth about how easy it is to receive everything God has promised you through Christ.
"PRAYING ON PAPER & MAKING TIME FOR PRAYER" – Discover the exclusive “Praying on Paper” method and how it can make your prayers more concrete and real and also find an EASY way to pray that FITS into your lifestyle.
Plus, Invest Now to Receive This Incredible Bonus Package:
Need a miracle but not sure how to approach God about it? Got a need, but not quite sure what to say when you pray?
No problem! Prayer Rock-It Prayer Boosters gives you over 280 pages of specifically themed prayers that are hyper-linked to scripture so you can pray them with power immediately.
Whenever a need comes up, you'll have a prayer to pray so you can get everything you need & desire.
3 Training Videos that I will present personally, answering your questions.
I'll take all the questions that come in through Prayer Rock-It Academy and address them so you can get the answers you need about prayer.
And ALL 3 Videos will be recorded and sent to you so you can access them later for review at any time that's convenient for you.
YES! Count me in Dr. Linda!
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In digital format for your convenience.
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10 audio mp3 modules, workbook, journal, plus the bonus Prayer Rock-It Booster book with over 200 prayer starters, and the bonus webinar Q&A training... so you can boost your prayers and live the life you've always wanted! Let's do this!
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