Client Case Studies

Below you’ll find our client case studies. Feel free to view these stories and share them with others. We believe that leadership begins with the individual and then extends to others. These stories show real life leaders living it out in the workplace!

Lindsey Beer, Operations Manager at Best-One Tire & Service

Best-One Tire & Service dove into John C. Maxwell’s teaching on leadership with no reservations. They championed his principles and made them a central part of their culture. And because of that transformational growth, they are not only strong in the marketplace, they are strong at their core. Lindsey Beer provides insight into how this transformation occurred through Best-One’s Intentional Leadership plan with The John Maxwell Company. Watch video here.

Malcolm O’Neal, Vice President Human Resources, Ascend Performance Materials

Ascend Performance Materials embraces the concept that every employee deserves a great leader and good leaders make people better. Ascend has taken a broader view of what better means – it impacts every aspect of life. They wanted to create a company culture allowing people to work on themselves while working on the business at the same time. Malcolm O’Neal describes how The John Maxwell Company provided a toolkit for Ascend to create common leadership experiences. These shared standards helped shape the company’s belief system, influencing actions and producing greater results. Watch video here.

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