Don't confuse where your miracle tookHeart Check: Do you tweet and promote your church, pastor or spiritual leaders more than you promote Christ?


Yeah, I know, I’m probably going to get some interesting comments from this post. That’s cool. Bring it on. Because I want you to know…

If your heart for God is in the right place, your heart for your church will stay in in the right place.

So, let’s ask again. Do you tweet and promote your church, pastor or spiritual leaders more than you promote Christ?

If your answer is yes, than you may be doing so to earn brownie points with your leaders. Let me assure you…you don’t need brownie points. You don’t even need brownie points with God!

Here’s part of the problem…

We’ve developed a church culture that is focused on complimenting, praising, word affirming our leaders more than we compliment, praise, and affirm God. And we do it to show them honor, but is it really about honoring ourselves?

Hmm. Heart check once more. (I’ve been checking mine too over the last few weeks.)

How would that work?

Let’s consider the natural law at work that says: You will reap what you sow. (Yes, that’s in the Bible.)

Knowing that if you honor others – you will reap honor, I can’t help but wonder if you honor others with the motive of receiving honor for yourself.

So yep, I’m being bold and a little in your face right now. Can you handle this?

Are you honoring your leaders for the right reasons? 

You’re smart. You’ve figured out that in order to be a person of authority you need to honor the authorities over you. So what’s your secret, hidden motive? …you want to be an authority figure who’s honored?

Why am I asking? Because I see the tweets people entrenched in church culture and church life write. They talk more about the leaders over them than they do about the God who saved them.


So here are a few thoughts from my heart to yours:

Don’t confuse your WHERE with your WHO.

  • You got saved at ______(insert name) Church, but it was God who saved you.
  • You’re marriage was restored at _________(insert name) Marriage Conference. But it was God who restored it.
  • You got fired up for God at __________’s camp or retreat, but it was the Holy Spirit that ignited that flame.
  • You may have been changed reading one of my books, but it was Jesus who did the job.

Don’t confuse where your miracle took place with WHO did it.

It’s all about Christ.

Yes, honor your church, pastor, and spiritual leaders with kudos, congrats, compliments, words of affirmations. But – honor Christ just as much – if not more. Cause, it’s really about HIM…He is the author and finisher of your faith.