Why do I prefer reading my Bible on my Kindle every morning rather than holding a bible in my hands? Yeah, I know, some say you just can’t beat the experience of holding your Bible in your hot little hands. It just feels good…and holy…and right. It’s by far the superior reading experience! Well, hold on and let me explain why I switched.

I thought I would have those very same thoughts. In fact, I had my Kindle for a week before I decided, this was crazy. Why would I want to continue to tote 5 Bibles around with me or even just one when I can carry a 3 ounce Kindle and have all of my Bible translations at my beck and call? I was silly NOT to read my Bible on my Kindle. Before you get all nostalgic on me just let me offer some of the pluses.

Advantages to Using a Kindle for Bible Reading:

  • I have 9 different Bibles on my Kindle; this is by far, my greatest joy! Think about it, to have all of my Bibles on one small, thin, light device is perfect when I travel. I used to add at least 25 pounds to my suitcase toting my Bibles and books. Now, my Kindle slips into my backpack, briefcase, or purse and it’s available anytime I need it. No more lugging books, commentaries, and study guides. I can research and study anytime I have a few minutes or when inspiration hits.
  • When I am in a meeting, I can pull out my findings or search for documentation without lugging books in my briefcase or backpack.
  • The search feature is by far quicker than trying to page through a big Bible. I type what I am looking for in the search area and my Kindle does the searching for me.
  • Searching for the notes I made is super sweet. Type in a keyword used in my note – and voila, my kindle takes me to that place. Much easier than looking for notes in the margins of my Bible.
  • On those rare occasions when I don’t have my Kindle with me because I left home with just my iPad, my Kindle is still with me – just in a different format. My iPad Kindle app seamlessly syncs with my Kindle so I never lose my place. All of my notes, and bookmarks are available on both devices. Win-win!
  • On even rarer occasions when I don’t have my iPad, my iPhone has guess what? Yep, my Kindle app too. And yes, all synced up and ready for reading. And because I always have my iPhone with the Kindle app with me, I always have my commentaries and notes. Whether I am in line at the grocery store, waiting at the doctor’s office, or killing time before my next appointment my Kindle, in one of 3 forms, is with me.  Win-win-win again!
  • Highlighting on my Kindle is a breeze and want to know what’s even breezier? Easily finding all of my highlighted passages in one place. They are all gathered together in a neat little file called “My Clippings” and I can also find the same file on my iPad, iPhone, or desktop. Flawlessly synced to boot! This is in addition to the text staying highlighted on any of my devices as I read.
  • Now, what about those who say, “Well, sooner or later you will forget the order the books of the Bible are in because you use the electronic version instead of searching through the hard copy of your Bible.” To those I say, “SO?” Electronic devices aren’t going away guys. So get with it. Nine times out of ten I am using an electronic device which allows me to page through the table of contents or even search for the book and chapter that I want. The need for memorizing the order of the books of the Bible, though still important, isn’t as necessary. Do we still use our fingers to eat now that we have the invention of the fork at our disposal? I guess some still do, but that’s their game. My point is – they don’t have to.

Disadvantages to Using a Kindle for Bible Reading:

  • At first, I was going to be sassy and tell you there aren’t any. Still love me? 😉 Honestly, it all boils down to what works for you.
  • If you aren’t willing to try something new, then Kindle Bible reading won’t work for you.
  • If you’re opposed to learning new technology, then Kindle Bible reading definitely won’t work for you. Stay an old dog refusing to learn new tricks. Yes, I still love you. 😉
  • If you absolutely love holding a bulky Bible in your hands for whatever reason, keep at it. But if you are willing to expand your horizons and experiment with something you may find foreign at first, you just may like it. Then love it. Disadvantages are in the eyes of the beholder. You choose.

Practical details:

  • Price: The new Kindle Paperwhite is a great deal starting at $119.00. I got one as soon as it came out. The Kindle Paperwhite is touch screen, which makes jumping to hyperlinked scriptures easy. So cross-referencing is super fun and fast, like lickety split! Touch the verse that is underlined and you’re right there. Touch the back arrow and you’re back to the previous scripture where you started.
  • The older Kindle Keyboard is still available on eBay for cheap. This is the Kindle I started with years ago and it was love at first sight! I will say though that I love my Kindle Paperwhite even more. The built-in light makes it lovely to read in bed or in a dimly lit room. My husband’s thankful that a lamp on our nightstand no longer bothers him when I’m reading and he’s sleeping. Makes me happy when he’s happy!
  • If you are interested in any of the Kindle models, click here and you will be taken to my Amazon store where you can learn more about them and purchase it securely. (And too, you will be helping me, as I will get a small percentage of the sale. So, thanks in advance!) The Kindle Fire link is also listed here for your convenience. And ohhh, is that Kindle Fire sweet! Full color and like a little tablet.
  • If you order from Amazon you will receive your Kindle in about 3 to 4 days (based on the publication time of this post). If you’re willing to venture out you can get a Kindle at Best Buy, Staples, Target, and Office Max. My assistant, Tanya, and I called around. Once we found that Best Buy in our area had them we boogied over there pronto. They held them at the front desk for us and we walked out with 2 highly coveted Kindle Paperwhites from Amazon’s first shipment. Can you say FAVOR?! 🙂 Yep! And I pray that for you too!
  • If you’re in the market for a gently used Kindle, you can find some really good deals on eBay. I found one for my mother last year for $60 including a nice case. She too, has become a Kindle fan. As soon as it came in, I downloaded a free ESV Bible on it for her to read.

Stay tuned for my next post about Bible reading on electronic devices. I will share how to use the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile apps to read your Bible. I’ll give you a list of apps I have tested and use that are great for Bible study, prayer lists, devotions, and keeping notes. We’ll also explore the iPad verses the Kindle for reading in general. Will be fun, so check back or even better….subscribe so you get my free updates via email.

So there you have it. This is why I made the switch to Bible reading on my Kindle and why you might too. No matter which you choose, Kindle or a handheld Bible – just keep reading your Bible. It’s good for you. And we all need God’s goodness in our lives! Dig in and enjoy!

11 Responses to “Why I Made the Switch to Bible Reading on My Kindle & Why You Might Too”

  1. Patty

    I have a Nook, a hand-me-down from my sister — She got a KIndle Fire 🙂 I downloaded the Bible on it and I love reading the Bible on my Nook. I was reading Acts the other day and I forgot to “count pages” so I finished it. Then I had to go on to Romans to see what Paul had to say to those guys, after he went through so much trouble to get there!
    It’s handy, and fun.

    • Linda

      Oh Patty! Congrats on the Nook. Isn’t it fun! I’m glad you are devouring the Word and can’t seem to put it down.

  2. David

    what bibles and study guides have you downloaded to your paperwhite. I would like a NIV bible and commentaries

    • Linda

      Hi David, I have the NIV Archaeological Study Bible on my Kindle which is nice. I also have the Max Lucado Devotional Bible which is the NCV. I love the new Expanded Bible which is a contemporary twist on the Amplified Bible. The Message is fun to read and I also have the Message Solo which is broken up into daily readings. Just about all of the different Bible versions are available for Kindle, just make sure you read the reviews because you may find some are hard to navigate between chapter and verse. I found the Message solo had messed up formatting. Hopefully they will fix that soon. As far as devotionals, I love Joyce Meyer’s Battlefield of the mind, it’s full of scripture. Max Lucado has some great devotionals for Kindle. Beth Moore has some in-depth Bible studies available. Look for your favorite Bible study teachers, many have Kindle versions available.

  3. Barry

    Hi Linda,

    I came across your site when doing a search on Bible resources for the Kindle. I got the Kindle Basic. I currently have the ESV (Cross ref), NIV and NASB.

    I can readily agree that reading on the Kindle is a definite plus. My only problem is navigation. The ESV seems better suited. My current goal is this. I’m seeking bible study aids that I can use on my Kindle.

    What are some good ones to have? How’s the Nelson’s Topical Bible Index? What others? Granted, I’m spoiled by having an integrated e-library on my computer. I’d love to learn how to better use my Kindle in the area of Bible study.

    I, also need to look up specific Scriptures relating to a topic. I’d appreciate any input from you. Thanks

    • Linda

      Hi Barry, Glad to connect with another who is hungry for the Word! As far as Bible Study Aids, I have the NIV Archaeological Study Bible, which navigates nicely. One that’s becoming a favorite of mine is the Expanded Version Bible, which is similar to the Amplified yet written in more contemporary language. It gives the roots and definitions of words within the text and has clickable refferences. I don’t have the Nelson’s Topical Bible Index, but most kindle versions of any book are available to sample. I sample prior to every purchase so I can see how a book or volume is laid out and test the links. I also enjoy reading the Max Lucado Devotional Bible: Experiencing the Heart of Jesus on my Kindle. It has a topical index but is limited as it’s not as much of a study Bible as it is a devotional Bible. My tip to you is to download a preview of the Bibles and study helps you are interested in. The preview sample’s are free and if you like – you buy! (You can also return and get a refund from Amazon if you purchase and then decide a few days later that you don’t like it. It will simply be removed from your device after you notify Amazon.) Enjoy!

  4. Joy Hoff

    I currently read books on my iPad but am seriously interested in getting the Kindle Paperwhite because it is lighter and I am usually reading in bed. So the iPad gets a bit heavy.

    I just wanted to say thanks for your information on the Kindle different Bible versions available for kindle. I use Olive Tree App on the iPad so I would have to get used to navigating differently. I am anxiously waiting to see what the latest Paperwhite version is like. I understand it will come out mid year.

    Thanks again.

  5. Ruth Gonzalez

    God is good I’m trying to studied the bible. And making a wise deduction to buy a kindle and I started to read your comments it has bless my life, and have motivated me to seek the Lord.
    God bless you!

    • Linda

      That’s beautiful Ruth! I’m sure you are going to love your new kindle! Let us know how you like it!


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