Why We Need to Sweat the Small Stuff If We Want the Big Stuff
How can great leaders come out of nowhere? Ready? It’s because they have been hidden, plugging away at the small things first. Let that sink in. See, you don’t usually SEE a great leader in the making because you don’t SEE them taking care of the small stuff. The stuff behind the scenes. So when they finally do emerge, it’s like, “Hey, where did this chick come from?” “Does anyone know this guy? He seems to have come out of nowhere.” That’s right. They did come out of nowhere. They were busy taking care of the small stuff when all of a sudden heaven opened a door and BAM! They came into bigger things.

Small stuff is the stuff kings are made out of

Like King David, they’ve busied themselves for decades on the backside of a pasture, tending sheep, ankle-deep in manure, swatting flies, sweat dripping off their brow, and developing yucky yellow sweat st ains under their armpits. Then something shifts. They are given a throne. Prior they had anointing, but no crown. Now they have both. It’s because they paid the price. Majoring in the menial led to the magnificent! That small stuff is the stuff of kings.

My scary, ugly thought

I had a thought that scared the snot out of me one time. I was sitting on my back porch having a talk with God. I was tired of looking over my life and unfulfilled dreams. I actually said to God, “How come I’m more faithful to you than you are to me?!”  Whoa, I couldn’t believe I actually thought that. As soon as it shot out of my thinker, I repented. How brazen a thought! For a moment I actually believed that throughout the years, all of the ways I have been faithful, were more than how much God has been faithful to me. Yikes! How dare I think such a thing? After asking God for forgiveness, I wondered where that thought came from. Was I tired? Exhausted? Had I totally lost my mind? That’s not the right one to have! I was shocked at what was going on in my head.

Sticking with small stuff leads to the bigger better stuff

After I regrouped, I rediscovered once again, that it’s really the small things that are the big things. You may have heard of the book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. Great title. But for our purposes here, we really do need to sweat the small stuff. Sweating the small stuff is a guaranteed lead to the big stuff.

How do I know? The Bible tells me so. A scripture in Matthew 25 says: “You have been faithful and trustworthy over a little; I will put you in charge of much.” Cool! If I work my butt off taking care of the things I’d rather not, I will eventually get to do what I’d rather do! (Well, right motives and good attitude do play an important part here too, so don’t leave that out.) All this to say…playing the part that no one else sees or gives a rip about is a lead-in to something greater. There are no short cuts, so quit looking for them.

God’s watching and smiling

Allow me to toss a little something to you from the book of Zachariah. It’s found in chapter 4, verse 10: “Do not despise the day of small beginnings. The Lord rejoices to see the work begin.”

This verse helps us reframe our manure filled pasture moments. It shows us that God is not only watching, but rejoicing. He’s got his eye on you, me, and all the others as we busy ourselves with the stuff of our pre-king seasons. Let’s keep it up. Our crowns are on order and they are just about ready for wear if we will stay at it long enough.

Soon someone will see you and say, “Hey, where did YOU come from?”

Have you found this to be true? Share your comment or story below.

7 Responses to “Why We Need to Sweat the Small Stuff If We Want the Big Stuff”

  1. Sandy Myers

    I LOVE this blog post. I completely agree that God promotes you after you when you learn how to govern and manage your life well. He wants inner prosperity, commitment, and excellence , and it will begin to manifest beautifully on the inside. I believe we become more like Christ, and our lives reflect his awesome power and influence. Change is always inside- out.

  2. Robin

    Pastor Linda, this blog just blew me away! I told the same thing to God on Saturday!!! What?! I don’t if I was even dreaming with the sentence: “Lord, forgive for I have sin”! God spoke to me and gave me the same response!! Awesome! The thing is that God had kept doing the small things for a season, but I know that He’s been training me for the big things. This blog just gave me a home run in my fat head! You are such an inspiration and blessing to all of us. In Christ Jesus, Rob

  3. KB

    When I read your title, I thought it said NOT to sweat the small stuff and I was not liking that. I was relieved to read further and get the full dose of wisdom. There is an awful lot of small stuff to do out there!
    Also, I remember, way back in the day, when we actually threw the manure at each other in your front yard!

    • Dr. Linda Travelute

      Ahhh, those were the days Kelly! We were playing with small stuff even back then! Remember all those Missionette outreaches we did as teenagers? Nursing home visits, Walk-a-thons, car washes…the stuff of Kings (or Queens!) It’s always a pleasure to sling manure with you!


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