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  1. elizabeth

    I found you by web surfing for something else. I decided to see what your website was about. I am truly blessed I found you. I am now growing inside due to your encouragement through your God given wisdom. Thank you

  2. Steve Padgett

    Thanks so much for your ministry and faithfulness to share what the Holy Spirit has prompted you to share Sometimes it takes another sister in the Lord to remind us as King David would keep Gods word in our hearts and continually praise him..experiencing healing regularly in our lives as you have shared is only possible through regular confessions and I made it a regualar habit to thank God daily and remove myself from the picture in order to stay focused on glorifying Christ. I taught Sunday School at Orlando Christian Center in the 80’s in the childrens Ministry with Children’s Pastor Mike Thomford and Senior Pastor Benny Hinn. I had an accident a while back which caused me to take a sabaticol from the Gospel Clown Miinistry that he had birthed in me and even though I am a firm believer in His healing power you have once again remimded be about holding fast our confessions as Paul stated in the Word.I already feel 110% better. Thank you for your obedience. To God be all the glory. I have shared some of your stuff on my facebook page if its ok. The Lord continue to bless you and may you always enjoy his favor in yiur lives that He.gets all the glory and Honor and praise!

    • Linda

      Thank you Steve, I am praying for you at this very moment, that the perfect health Jesus paid for will overtake your thoughts and your body and you are fully recovered from your accident. Believe Big!


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